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In the modern world everything we know is based on numbers and their relationships. It’s hard to imagine a time when that was a radical idea, but such a time existed. In fact, 2500 years ago, the Pythagoreans (named after their founder) were a mystic cult based on this very premise. It’s difficult to blame them for getting carried away. Pythagoras is more famously credited with Pythagoras’ theorem:


If Mathematics was a country, it’s flag would almost certainly be a triangle. This is one of the first equations ever created, and is in many ways the basis of applied mathematics. In a relationship between three things, if you know two, you can find the third. You don’t have to measure it directly! For early mathematicians, such a thing must’ve felt a little like magic, but it’s magic that worked and in many ways helped create the modern world.

From it we…

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